“Spiritual Secrets to Power, Success, Love, Attraction and Happiness”

Ancient Secrets to Real Power that bring you Love, Luck, Success . . . 

Are You. . . . . 

Depressed, Anxiety Ridden and Constantly Tired ?

Blocked, Stuck, Unlucky     ?

Unhappy and Unfulfilled ?

Confused and Lost? 

Lack Peace and Tranquility? 

Lack Connection and Companionship?  




Do You Feel . . . . 

 Lonely   Invisible  Forgotten   ?   

Does any of this sound like you?

There is good News . . .   

There is a Cure for Each and Every One of Your Situations 

You can have something different . . . 

How I Can Help You:



Applying the Ancient Secrets of Power, we can:


Eliminate Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue

Become your own “Luck Factory “

Develop Your Incredible Spiritual Power

Become Psychic, Intuitive, Connected

Attract Love and Relationship

Destroy Obstacles, Blockages and Cycles

Feel Deep Peace, Tranquility and Serenity



Who we are:


A Mystical School that teaches, uses the Ancient Secrets to Help and empower people:


I am Papa Hector,  Mystical and Spiritual Teacher, Mentor, Worker and Priest.  Since 1989, I have helped people achieve all sorts of results in their lives.


You Can Achieve Your Desires 

In fact, it’s more than possible 

You just need Secrets, Tools and Power to do it

Become a Powerful, Popular Magnet for Love, Success and Attention

✔Charm & Charisma

✔Attract more love, sex, wealth and success

✔Respect, Confidence & Power

Spiritual Power

Sanse 101

✔Connect with the Spirits of Sanse
✔Build the Spiritual Foundation to Success
✔Develop your Spiritual Gifts


Learn Secrets of Voodoo Power

Vodou 102

✔ Learn Real Haitian Vodou
✔ Develop Your Vodou Power
✔ Learn How To Start a Vodou Service

Spirit Intensive Classes

The Spirits are deep and vast.  Knowing and being able to work with each one effectively separates the good from the great!

✔ Deeply delve into the Mysteries of a Spirit
✔ Learn How to Work With Specific Spirits Intensely
✔ Create Connections to Powerful Spirits

Magic & Spells Classes

Cast effective, powerful Spells yourself

Ancient & Secret Formulas and Recipes that Work

Magic can be used to bring about anything