What is Mystical Work:

Mysticism, according to the Dictionary, is defined as:

union with or absorption into the Deity or the absolute, or the spiritual apprehension of knowledge inaccessible to the intellect.

Thus, in Easier Words . . .

The True Sacred Work of a Mystic is to Become a God . . . .

A God within their Own Life . . . .

We Become a God By Returning to Our True Nature . . . . God

The Purpose of this Site is to Give You the Tools, Techniques and Secret Sciences of the Mystical Work so that You Can Also Become a God in Your Life because we Know . . . .

When You Become a God, you will:

Have Happiness, Fulfillment, Contentment and Success . . .

You can have Love, Wealth, Respect and Prosperity

Naturally You will Have and Be a Beacon of Power

You can also Achieve Bliss, Divine Connection and More

A God Doesn’t Have to Choose. . ..

I Teach the Royal Path. . . . Because Ultimately God is the King of All, and Is the All, and If You Want to Be, So can You . . . .


Who Am I and Why I can Help You


I am Papa Hector, A Realized Mystic and Spiritual Worker.

I am World Renowned for my Spiritual Power, Work and Results, & Teachings.  I have Apprentices, Students and Followers World Wide.

Since 1989, I have Helped Thousands of People Achieve Greatness with my Spiritual Power and Knowledge of  the Mystical Sciences.

For more than 20 years, I trained under some of the Best Mystics and Spiritual Workers known for their Power.     I am a High Priest, Initiate and Lineage Holder of Powerful Carribean Shamanic Traditions, Sanse, 21 Divisiones, Vodou . . . .

I have also been honored to serve as a Medium, Channel and Horse for the Mysteries since 1989

I am a Master Teacher, Mentor and Papa of many Mystics and Developing Mystics World Wide.


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