Drive Away Your  Sorrow, Misery and Fatigue

anaisa spirit

Increase Your Joy, Pleasure & Clarity Easily and Quickly….So Easy, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Do It Before

Anaisa Pye Program ‏

August 4th 10 am- 7pm

Berlin, NJ, USA

Anaisa is the Spirit of Joy, Happiness, Pleasure and Sensuality.  She brings life back to whatever she touches.

Often known as The Liberator for her well known capacity to see the Truth and explain it in a refreshing and enlightening way.

During this Special Event, You’ll

Unlock  Joy and Pleasure in Your Life

Get the Secret Technique for Attracting  Joy, Pleasure and Freedom

Connect with Anaisa Pye

Learn Secrets and Mysteries held by Anaisa

Increase Your Luck, Clarity and Power

Elevate Your Joy & Pleasure

Spaces are Limited

August 4th

10 am- 7pm


If you’re an Initiate or currently Actively in Course work with me, contact me for a special discount.