Personal Power that Attracts Love, Wealth, Success and Respect

Magnetism transforms powerless, dull, lifeless people into Super Charged Magnets of Luck and Success.

Proof:  My Clients Successes as you can see for yourself!


Charm & Charisma
Charm and Charisma is what separates the Winners from the Losers.  When you are magnetic, you will ooze and exude Charm and Charisma.  It will be overflowing from you.

Attract more love, sex, wealth and success
Magnetic People attract, just like a magnet, naturally to them all that is good and lucky.   When you become magnetic, attracting more money, wealth, or love becomes easy, and it becomes second nature.

Respect, Confidence & Power
Magnetic People are Respected and Desired.  This inspires Confidence as well.  Confidence is easy, however, when you know you are magnetic and therefore in control.

This is for you if:

You are unlucky

You are lonely, friendless, and loveless

People ignore you, don’t notice you or are repelled by you

You don’t have control in your life, and thus can’t get what you want

Your life is caught in a cycle of struggle after struggle

You may even think your problem is that

You are not attractive enough

That there is something wrong with you

You are not popular enough, confident enough, or special enough

You are meant to struggle or be alone

You are cursed, you have a black cloud or that this is just your Karma. . . . .

But None Of That Is Actually Your Problem


I mean, I am sure you have seen plenty of people that are unattractive, mean, rude or nasty succeed.

In fact, many of them may have many friends and suitors.

And you know that there are people out there who don’t struggle like you do.

In fact, it comes natural to them . .. . it is easy, no matter how great or not they are as a person



You may have already tried all kinds of things to fix it but can’t  get to the bottom of it


Maybe you tried

to change your looks or be more social and outgoing

to change your job, career or environment

to work on yourself in other ways, self help, therapy . . . trying to be nicer, think positive etc


Your Real Problem is You Are Not Magnetic

In Fact

You are probably Repellant . . . the total opposite


And so, everything that is good . . . .






Literally Runs Away From You . . . .

And all that surrounds you is bad luck, loneliness, fear, and isolation . . . . 



But the Good News Is:  It is Curable

Not only can you Become Magnetic . . . .

You can be even  More So than the “naturals” . . . .


When You Are Magnetic


People are attracted and drawn to you like a magnet

People crave your approval, they seek you out, they want to be near you . . .. 

People respect you, your voice, your opinions and your Truths . . . In fact, they will often look to you for your guidance and Support. . . . 

Naturally, the opposite sex becomes incredibly turned on by you and drawn to you.  They start to flock to you like bees to honey . . 

And as you can expect, because of all of your popularity and power . . .. you will rise through the ranks in both wealth and success as people start to see you as incredibly valuable . . . .




Who I am and Why I can Help You


I am Papa Hector Salva.

I have been helping thousands of People Become Powerfully Magnetic since 1989.

I am Leader & Founder of Gade Nou Leve International Spiritual Temple

Spiritual Mentor, Teacher and Worker 1989




First Step is to Have A Consultation And

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Because Time is Only Wasting Away and We Both Know it’s Not Going to Change By Itself


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