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In this program, you will receive all the foundational knowledge that you will need to become an empowered individual in your life, connect with your Mysteries and begin developing yourself on the Sanse Path. This program is designed to prepare students for first level initiation into the Sanse Tradition.

Sanse 101 program consists of 13 Lessons, each lesson complete with exercises for you to put into practice the knowledge and power that is being given to you. In this program, you will:



The Basics and Foundations of Sanse and it’s Beliefs

The Spiritual World, Spiritual Heirarchy & You

The Spiritual Frame, what it is and what it means for you

The 7 Divisions of Sanse

How to Connect with the Mysteries of Sanse

The Foundational Mysteries of each Division and their services

What is First Level Initiation into Sanse, what it does and how to prepare

Terminology of Sanse

Sanse Rituals

Sanse 101 Program Plans and Pricing

We have a Program Available to Fit all Budgets and Price Points.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sanse A Religion?

It can be, but Sanse is mainly a Spirituality.

For some practitioners, they choose the Sanse Spiritual Path to also be their Religious path.  Others do not.  It is very common for Sansistas to follow another Religion (Chrisitanity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism. . . ) and still practice Sanse and be a Sancista.

A Spirituality is a path which you can develop your Spiritual abilites, communication with the Divine, and Connection to God and the Spiritual World.  It is a path of Development.  Spirituality is different from Religion in that there is not a set of Dogma or certain set exclusive precepts, rather it is a path for Self Connection to the Spiritual World.


Can anyone take the Course?

Yes, anyone can take and benefit from this course.

Is the Course in English?

Yes, the course is taught in English, and all written material is also in English.

How soon can I start once I've signed up?

Immediately.  Once payment has been completed, you can login to your account here and will have access to the Lesson/s you’ve made payment for.

If you’ve purchased:

Complete Course- You will have access to all Lesson Immediately

Gold Program- You will have access to Lesson One immediately, and access to a new class every 7 days after until completion.

Bronze Program- You will have access to Lesson One immediately, and access to a new class every 30 days after until completion.

Can I cancel if I want to stop taking the course?

You can cancel your course at anytime, however if you’ve paid for your course in full, you will not receive a refund.  If you’ve taken a monthly route, once you’ve cancelled you will not be able to access any of the lessons that have not been paid for.

After I complete the course, what's next?

Once you have completed the course, you will be able to move on to a number of other steps which will give you greater and greater power and control over your life and the results that you get in it!