Sovereign Mysticism



What We Believe:

You contain the Seed of God within you

When this seed blossoms into a flower, you Realize and Actualize that seed Becoming a Living God.  Realizing is Making and Manifesting that God as Real.  Actualizing is to Make the God Actually Manifest.

This is because you are part of the Whole and the whole is God.

And yet all is contained within you.

Thus God exists both inside and outside of you.  In fact, you are existing in a Sea of God.

Man is born without sin, and sin isn’t a part of your being and never can be.

You were born perfect.  Without sin.

Nothing is Good or Bad.  It simply is.

When you become God through the process of Transcendence or Deification , you’ll become One with All.  You Realize you’re wholeness, totality of your being.

This is why Jesus said “Me and my Father are One”

You are asleep.  To realize and Actualize you’re divinity, you must be woken up and stay awake.

Religions are tools created by Man to hide your True Nature.  They are tools keep you in the dark, to keep you under control, tamed.

Desire is not bad.  It isn’t evil.  In fact, nothing is evil. As everything comes from God.

In fact the Universe was created simply because God wanted.  God desired.

As such, sex, alcohol, so on and so forth aren’t evil in and of themselves.

All the Worlds Prophets, Teachers, Gurus, Buddha’s intended to teach the same and taught the same but the teachings have been shrouded in Religion.

By keeping you sleep, the Powers that be maintain control.

Success is measured in Happiness.  not temporary happiness, such as that which comes by receiving a gift, accomplishing something, etc..  But real happiness, which comes from deep fulfillment, bliss, power, contentment, peace, unity, that can really only be realized by becoming God.

Your purpose is to attain Happiness and Success.  To Actualize Your Divinity.

You can have material as well as spiritual success and enlightenment.  You can have both.

Mystical  Tech- What We Do

We focus on Technology and Techniques that make you Realize Your Divinity.  For when you transcend, you won’t have to believe, as you’ll know the Truth.

 Our Technology Transcends Religion, Culture, Creed.

 Like Truth, It is Universal.

Therefore it Surpasses the Limits imposed by Dogmas, Creeds, Religions, Cultures, Beliefs, Etc.

 We don’t depend on Belief, but Rather Use Technology to Prove the Truth.