Vodou 102

Take Your Knowledge, Power and Experience to the Next Level.

If you’ve read my site,  www.ezilikonnen.com , and Haitian Vodou is your path, then this is the Course For You!
The Info on EziliKonnen.com is enough to give you a basic Foundation in the Vodou Tradition.
This Course is about the True Mystical Ancient Secrets in Vodou . . . . That Which is Behind the Scenes. . . What No One Really Wants You to Know About . . .
In Vodou 102, you will  we will cover:
  • Develop Communication with Your Lwa
  • Develop your Spiritual Gifts and Capacity to Dream
  • How Your Lwa and Your Spirits affect Your Life . . . when things are right and not . . .
  • Understand the Different Types of Lwa: Lwa, Djab, Rasin, etc
  • How to Use an Altar for Real Spiritual Progress and Development
  • Learn the Vodou Lineages and Types of Vodou
  • Learn the Rights, Roles, and Responsibilities of the Initiate
  • Vodou Mystical  Structure:  How it Works as A Guide Map to Your Life
  • Understanding the Mystical Teachings of Vodou
  • Veve: Their Uses, the Secrets that Lie Behind them, and Using them in Your Spiritual Work
  • Basic Altar work
  • Learn Essential Vodou Practices for Mystical Power
  • The beginning of Sevis Ginen


This will be covered over a series of 12 Lessons- Once a week- For 3 Months
Classes are recorded and you will be able to access one weekly and review at your own pace.

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One time Payment



Monthly Payments

$500/mo for 3 months

Once you enroll, you will be able to login to your account and access your to First Class immediately.