Vodou 102

Take Your Knowledge, Power and Experience to the Next Level.

If you’ve read my site,  www.ezilikonnen.com , then you’ve already learned above and beyond what most people teach in Vodou 101 or at all.
In Vodou 102 we will cover:
  • Communication with the Lwa
  • Types of Lwa: Lwa, Djab, Rasin, etc
  • Types of Vodou
  • Responsibilities of the Initiate
  • Roles of the Initiate
  • Rights of the Initiate
  • Vodou Structure
  • Basic Altar work
  • The beginning of Sevis Ginen


Class begins on: November 9th 2017

This will be covered over a series of 12 Lessons- Once a week- For 3 Months
Classes are recorded and you will be able to access and review at your own pace.
If you sign up before, you can join class live.
Class size is limited

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$500/mo for 3 months
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