Ezili Danto Class

Ezili Danto is a powerful Petro Lwa.   So much so that she is known as the Queen of the Petros,  the Queen of the Sanpwel.  She is fast aggressive and strong as is her magic.  She is a fiercely protective mother ,  a wise businesswoman , and a reliable Patron to all those  devoted to her.   She is one of the Petro Mysteries with the largest followings, with many many devotees.  A Mystery who is closely tied to the Haitian People, their Culture and their Magic.  One of the most common things that you will hear in the praise of Danto is how strongly she does her magic and how quickly she responds and comes to the aid of those who follow her.

Amongst the Petros, she is considered one of the “safer” Mysteries to approach, especially for a newcomer or non initiate.  However, the fact is she is still  a hot Petro Lwa already, one should be careful making sure to follow proper protocol when working with or serving her.   It is well known that Ezili Danto can be quite demanding, and stubborn with her demands.  When worked with properly, Ezili Danto is a powerful ally in the spiritual realm.

You will learn :

Ezili Danto favorite services and how to prepare them

How to calm her down when she is upset towards you

How to set up an altar to her

How to make a petition to Ezili Danto

Her role in the Mystical Marriage

Her Realms of Power

What spirits she works with or has connections to

How working with her can improve your life







Keep the Faith

Papa Hector

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