Become a Powerful, Popular Magnet for Love, Success and Attention

✔Charm & Charisma

✔Attract more love, sex, wealth and success

✔Respect, Confidence & Power

Spiritual Power

Sanse 101

✔Connect with the Spirits of Sanse
✔Build the Spiritual Foundation to Success
✔Develop your Spiritual Gifts

Learn Secrets of Voodoo Power

Vodou 102

✔ Learn Real Haitian Vodou
✔ Develop Your Vodou Power
✔ Learn How To Start a Vodou Service

Spirit Intensive Classes

The Spirits are deep and vast.  Knowing and being able to work with each one effectively separates the good from the great!

✔ Deeply delve into the Mysteries of a Spirit
✔ Learn How to Work With Specific Spirits Intensely
✔ Create Connections to Powerful Spirits

Magic & Spells Classes

Cast effective, powerful Spells yourself

Ancient & Secret Formulas and Recipes that Work

Magic can be used to bring about anything