Sanse Initiations

Secret Mystical Rituals that Destroy Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue and Attracts Luck Success and Prosperity

Imagine How Your Life Would Work if You Had a Real Connection to God… What Would you have more of? Luck, Money, Peace…?

May 2019

Initiation into Mystical Sanse Connects You to Your Inner Deity, Your Divine Spark

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What Initiation is:

sanse initiation

A powerful ceremony that connects the individual to their Spiritual Frame, Gifts, Spirits, and Power.

What it means:

It means that you are ready to take charge of your life and power

It means you’re responsible to be connected to your Spiritual Frame, a powerful force that literally already controls your life

How Initiation Can Help You:anaisa spirit


Strips away negativity

Increases your success

Creates stability in your life

Improves your relationships

Dispels confusion and Gain clarity

Brings peace

Connects you to your gifts and power

Initiation is Life changing, transformative, and elevating.

Why getting Initiated is important:

Initiation creates a direct connection between you and your Main Mystery and Spiritual Frame.

Through this connection, your Spirits are able to communicate with you and help you better in your life .. . . .

Initiation Clears and Cleanses the Slate . . . Bringing you Clarity and Direction in a way Nothing Else Can

Recover and Establishes Your Personal Power . . . . Personal Power is the Foundation to Success in all the Areas of Your Life that matter most.  Health, Love, Abundance, Success and Stability

Aside from this, Initiation is Healing, Empowering and Life Affirming . . . .

Who this is for:

sanse altarThis is for you if

If you’re on the Spiritual path,

and are serious about your success, progress, and peace in both your Spiritual and Personal Life

, Initiation is the most powerful way to make that happen.

You have Issues with Anxiety, Fatigue and Depression (the Need for Initiation has known to be a cause of this)

You have Low Energy or No Energy

Everything you do works against you or goes backwards  . . .

You lack direction or Purpose, You are Confused or in a Dark Place in Your Life

You are Not Respected, Feel Unattractive or Undesirable . . . .


Who this is not for:

This is not for you if you

Aren’t Ready to Claim and Use Your Personal Power

Scared of Success, Power or Being Prosperous

You make excuses in your life rather than doing something about it . . . .

Not ready to Commit To Your Success and Happiness


How Initiation Has Helped Others…..

I have been blessed to be the Guide of Many People and Initiate them Into the Mysteries and Power

Here are just a few of the Stories of a Few of Our Members:



“Papa Hector literally saved my life. . . . To be completely honest, my life was a sh^^thole.  Everything was upside down, I couldn’t hold onto money, I had a crappy job, I was in tons of debt, and I just couldn’t get a real lover or connection in my life.  Personally, I know I am a very nice and good person, with a good heart, so I just couldn’t understand any of it.   I always asked “Why Me?”” Fast forward, I meet Papa Hector and I have some readings with him.  In the end, I am told that the Sanse Initiation was the best course of action to turn my life around.  Papa told me that we could get it done in 3 days and that my life would undergo many changes over the course of the next year, everything shifting into place where it should be.   Exactly as he said it, exactly as it was I got a new job 3 weeks after the initation, around that same time I met my current boyfriend.  Things between us went really quickly and the connection has been strong since day 1.  But thats another long story (which I will write for you Papa at another time! )   which is quite miraculous.  Tons of other things happened since then, but basically it is now about 19 months later and my life is totally  different.  I am happier, I am at peace, I feel good, I have a man, my money is flowing, I’m slowly getting rid of my debts and things are moving on up.  I owe my life that I now have to Papa Hector.  ” F.  Lelands Florida, USA


I don’t know where to start with this testimonial, so what I will say is. When I came to Papa, I had health issues, mens health issues, no one respected me and I had a hard time getting women. Its not like that no more. I was somewhat a skeptic at first, but I am Papa’s #1 Believer Now!

M. Hunter Florida, USA


Before initiation, I was depressed, filled with anxiety, on tons of meds and taking meds to sleep too. I had insomnia, my mind would turn and turn and I couldn’t go to sleep. I felt like no one knew me or understood me. But when I spoke to Papa Hector, I knew he knew me and could really see me. It was like a light in the darkness. A glimmer of hope. A lantern. I was so estatic. When he told me that he could fix things for me in just a few days, I couldn’t believe it. I had done everything, gone to every doctor, psychiatrist, therapist, everything. It was almost unbelievable. But actually, during my ceremony, I felt the shift and change right then and there, inside of me. I came out different, I couldn’t explain how, but I knew it was for the better. Well, now, I don’t take meds, I ain’t depressed, I sleep soundly, and also the rest of my life has turned for the better. Its changed other things for the better that were just like extra bonuses! Papa, I Love Youuuuuuuu!

E. Loredo NYC, NYC USA



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