Accurate Psychic Spiritual Consultations

Readings are Available By Phone and  Email.


Having a Spiritual Consultation in working together.  During a consultation, we will discover how and if we can work together to get you what you want.


Your consultation is your Road Map to Success.  Only during a consultation with the Spirits, can we tell you if we can help you and quote you a price for Spell and Magical Work.




STEP 1:  Once your order is complete, you can email my secretary Soley, any proper names and dobs of people concerned in the reading.   If you are reading to check someone else, send in their full name and dob also.  A photo is prefferred, though not absolutely necessary.  You can email information and photos to

STEP 2:  If you are having an EMAIL READING, you can email Soley your questions once your order is completed at

For Phone Consultations, once your order is completed,  you will receive an email from my Assistant ( within 1-2 Business Days to schedule an appointment.  Within the email, he will offer you our first available appointment.  You reply to confirm and accept the appointment.

 ***A Consultation is a Service, an Intangible Good, therefore nothing will be shipped to you or sent to you.  Your consultation will be done over the phone or sent to you via email as you have chosen within your order.